Keep Calm and Exercise at Home.

Keep Calm and Exercise at Home.

For many, the home is the new workplace and lounge rooms and gardens have become the new fitness centres.

This is a big adjustment and one that can take a bit of getting used to. Luckily Myogen are here to help you find your rhythm when it comes to exercising at home.

If you are feeling a bit lost with your new exercise routine, you’re definitely not alone. The most important thing is to try and remain as positive as possible and don’t let this situation stop you from achieving your exercise goals.

Keeping active is important during this tough time. Why?

If you move your body, you will feel better mentally and physically as a result. Studies have found a positive correlation between regular exercise and improved immune function, something we all need to nurture and protect, particularly at the moment.

With that very important reason in mind, here are a few tips to stay fit and healthy while you’re exercising at home.

  • Set goals for what you want to achieve each day. This will help you stay motivated throughout the day. Make sure to cross them off as you complete them, it’s very satisfying!
  • Get creative -If you’re doing exercise at home and don’t have any weights, you can easily find items around the house to use. Try using full water bottles, canned food, using a towel as a resistance band or a chair for triceps dips, step-ups or push-ups. Even small (or big) children can be used to add weight to your exercises.
  • Try something new – whether it be Pilates, yoga, going for a run, riding a bike, or even a dance workout, spice things up and have fun with your exercise at home.
  • Get in the garden – it’s time to get all that heavy lifting or digging that you have been putting off done! This is a fabulous form of functional exercise. Move rocks from one side of the garden to the other and back again. Climb a tree. Mow the lawn. Get some Vitamin D!

Need some expert help?

Myogen is offering virtual consults for online coaching and individual training programs tailored to you. With this, your workouts will be specific to your sport or lifestyle and know you will still be getting those #gains.

Find out more please give us a call on 02 5105 4109 or visit

*Note – if you are exercising outside, make sure you are keeping a safe distance from others.

Most importantly, be safe and make smart decisions.

We look forward to seeing you back at Myogen when this is all over.

Tassie Davies

Practitioner/Bike Rider

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